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Rita’s coaching has made a tremendous difference in our approach to parenting She has replaced our anxiety with a calmer attitude and approach. The benefits have also helped to improve our marriage and improve the climate of our home. If there is any wavering about whether or not to take on ‘yet another commitment’, this is one that is truly worth your time.  

Katherine R

Rita is one who takes time for each and everyone of her clients. Listening to fully understand the words of those speaking to her and giving guidance/suggestions and knowledge through years of education and a wide scope experience.

You and your family will be in wonderful hands as you embark on a journey with "A Parent's Path" 

Erin B

With Rita's assistance, we have transitioned from engaging in daily conflicts to having coaching sessions twice a month. We have made considerable progress in comprehending our individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as cultivating acceptance for the strengths and weaknesses of the other household. This new understanding has allowed us to strive for a balanced approach that prioritizes the well-being of our children. While we acknowledge that everything is not perfect, Rita's coaching has been instrumental in bringing both of us to the table and sustaining ongoing conversations that would have otherwise escalated into destructive conflicts. 

Kris L

Rita is incredibly insightful. She keeps things simple, yet incredibly effective. Working with her while laying the foundation for our new family dydnamic has had a dramatic impact on how we relate to our children and to each other. It has helped us change how we communicate and approach situations. The focus is clarity, family, love, and simplicity. The goal is always to bring it back to love and what matters most. We continue to reap the benefits of the seeds we planted while working with Rita.

           Bryan M

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