For Parents of Complex Kids

Do you have a child who needs a little extra support?  With ADD/ADHD Anxiety, sensory  or other similar issues? I support parents like you,working together, we will navigate your parenting path, no matter what challenges  or struggles you encounter.  We will customize a toolbox to bring you from anxious and hopeless to calm and connected.  

Help Me Now

In this two hour call we discuss your most pressing issues and begin to calm the chaos

Chaos to Calm

In this 12 week program we will work together weekly to change the tone of your home from chaos to calm


For Parents Facing Divorce


From Surviving to Thriving

In this 12 week coaching program, we will work together as you move your family throughthis transition process. 

How Do We Tell  The Children?

In this two hour call, we will strategize the best way to for you, or you and your spouse to tell the children about the seperation/divorce.