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     I’m a licensed therapist and coach with two decades of practice working with clients of all ages and backgrounds.

     More than anything, I am human and a fellow traveler on the journey. The most powerful thing I do in therapy is to share my human-ness. I name what it’s REALLY like to live through painful experiences and give permission to say the things that we don’t think we can say out loud to anyone. Because that’s how healing REALLY happens. 

  I’m fierce about non-judgment and I have deep compassion because  I’ve lived it. I grew up with parents who were miserable together, and a father who was an alcoholic,  it was a very unhappy childhood.  I am a mom of two special needs kids, I am in the trenches with you!  I’m a cancer survivor. I know how hard these experiences can hit and that none of us can do it alone—no matter how hard we try and if you are like me, you have tried really really hard.

      Together we will create your map to help you find your way to the life you were meant to live, a life of meaning, contentment, and happiness.  Working with me is honest and no-fluff. We’ll laugh, we might cry, and there may even be a swear word or two. This is a space dedicated to you and your well-being, and I’m honored to get to do this work alongside you.

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