About Parent Coaching

Parent coaching inspires you to find and understand your parent voice, to deepen your connection with your children, and to once again enjoy your children.


By supporting you on a path to learning your child, by coming to understand child development, by supporting you in creating and upholding strong sensible boundaries​. Working together, you will come to understand the message of disrespectful, uncooperative behavior, as well as reasonable consequences, consequences that teach and empower, not demoralize.​ You will be able to identify the vital importance of allowing your children the opportunity to make bad decisions and feel the repercussions of those decisions; thereby learning to make good decisions. You will grasp effective communication and problem-solving techniques, as well as strategies to manage your own anger and frustration.

The rewards are life-changing, you will see a shift in family dynamics that brings connectedness, laughter, cooperation, and joy!

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